About Us

Huyck Industrials Limited. EST 1961

Pronounced (hike) 


Wholesale Distributor of Industrial Supplies and Coating Applicators.  

Huyck Industrials Ltd. is a wholesaler of Industrial Supplies focused on providing value to the local manufacturing companies by offering superior service and a broad range of quality products at competitive prices.   

Huyck was established in 1961 and purchased by the current owner in 1988.  Since 1988 Huyck Industrials has essentially grown into a combination of three services combined and intertwined under one roof. The first portion of the business is distribution of finished goods and raw materials, fasteners, abrasives, packaging supplies, first aid products, janitorial, small tools and more to customers in the Greater Vancouver area, 99% are in the building and construction field.  The second portion of our business is the purchasing of raw materials from Canadian based companies for which we paint in house and then package with other raw materials, bag, label and sell to companies mainly in the Greater Vancouver area.  We do have a small number of customers throughout BC.  The third and newest portion of our business is our Powder Coating Line since 2008.  We have seen a demand for quality coating from our customers.  In order to be cost effective we have expanded to be able to accommodate larger volumes of product.  Since the expansion last winter 2009/2010 we have been able to offer more to the consumer.  Better pricing, a wide variety of colors all in a timely matter.  We have found this to be beneficial in supporting our customers to ensure they get the sale.


24,000 square feet of Inventory and Coating Line

Huyck Employs 20 Employees year round, upwards of 30 during peak season.


  • Over 6000 stock items
  • Stock Customer’s Extruded Aluminum to provide faster delivery times and reduce overall freight costs.


Powder Coating

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Stocking over 70 Custom Colors
  • Capable of Multiple Color Changes Daily
  • Akzo Nobel Approved Applicator of the Interpon D Range of Powder Coatings for Architectural Systems *Complies with: AAMA 2603, AAMA 2604, AMMA 2605
  • Tiger Drylac Powder - AAMA 2603, AAMA 2604, AMMA 2605
  • Spectrum Powder – AAMA 2603, AAMA 2604
  • Spraylat Powder - AAMA 2603, AAMA 2604, AMMA 2605
  • Cardinal Powder – AAMA 2603, AMMA 2604
  • Huyck uses AAMA 2604 as a standard powder.  

Powder Coating Capacity –  Standard up to H 9’ 6” X W 2’5” X L 26’   Oversized projects subject to review.

  • 3 Coating Booths
  • 2 Ovens – Drying & Curing

5 Stage Powder Coating Pre-Treatment System for H 9’6” X W 2’5” X L 26’ Batch Capabilities

  • I-Beam System -125 sq ft Load Bar Capacity, 400lb Load Bar Weight Capacity
  • Powder Coating specific to customer products and materials.  


Liquid Paint Capacity – Full Size Paint Booth 14’X24’X10’

  • Custom Color Matching
  • Aluminum, Fasteners, Plastics and much More.
  • Spray Paint Cans –Custom Color Available
  • Touch Up Bottles – Custom Color Available

Packaging and Assembly Services

  • Boxed, Bagged, Kitted, Labeled
  • Assembly & Packaging of Consumer Product – Packaging and Labelling of consumer goods specific to requirements of the customers for resale or sale with manufactured items.  
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