5 Stage Powder Coating Pre-Treatment System

Our Process Starts Where Others Finish


Treatment Tanks

Stage One consists of a heated alkaline based degreaser / cleaner to remove mixed metals, oils and contaminates prior to powder coating.

Stage Two is an aerated cold water raise to remove the degreaser / cleaner solution.

Stage Three is an aerated acid based solution to etch and further clean the substrate of any contaminates and welding smoke.

Stage Four is an aerated fresh water rinse to remove the degreaser and cleaning solution.

Stage Five is a seal coat that has been added to our process, E-CLPS. E-CLPS is a chrome-free, non-phosphate liquid coating used to protect aluminum and zinc alloys with a clear, nearly colorless chemical Dried In Place (DIP) coating. When applied the coating has excellent paint bonding properties and affords under-film protection. 

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