Performance of Powder Coat Finishes


AAMA 2603

To meet the AAMA 2603 specification, powder coatings are most often formulated with standard durable polyester binder. AAMA 2603 is typically an interior specification, such as ceiling panels and supports and interior windows. 2603 powders offer good resistance to abrasion, scratching and scuffing, but should be applied where color retention is not required.






AAMA 2604

AAMA 2604 is an "intermediate" specification. 2604 powder coatings are formulated with super durable or modified polyester resins. An ideal application for this paint would be balconies and railings where its toughness gives good resistance to wear. This finish will provide good color and gloss retention for approximately five years of exposure.




AAMA 2605

AAMA 2605 is the high-performance exterior specification. Depending on the manufacturer, a 2605 powder coat may or may not utilize a fluoropolymer resin (PVDF). These finishes are resistant to moisture, weathering, ozone and UV radiation. An application for this finish would include architectural projects that require long term cosmetic and functional protection. 

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